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istanbul dinner cruise: all you need to know

Many different results and prices are listed when you search on the internet with different terms such as Istanbul dinner cruise or dinner cruise in Istanbul. With this page, we will try to give you information about all the questions and things you need to know about Istanbul Dinner Cruise.

On this Istanbul dinner cruise page prepared by local guides, you will learn everything you need to know about the dinner cruise, what to expect from the dinner cruise, answers to your questions, and tips.

What is Istanbul dinner cruise?

Istanbul dinner cruise is a Bosphorus boat tour like the hundreds of Bosphorus tours that exist in Istanbul. However, unlike other Bosphorus boat tours, with dinner and Turkish night shows; entertainment, food, and Bosphorus cruise are combined. Dinner cruise tours that start in the evening are fun tour that continues until late at night.

The dinner cruise starts at 20:30 and lasts for 3.5 hours. You can watch many different local games of rights in Turkish culture, where you can watch the Bosphorus of Istanbul pass through the shores of the European and Asian continents in sparkles.

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What to Expect?

Typical daily Bosphorus cruises on the Bosphorus are the most popular and unique tours in Istanbul. However, an Istanbul dinner cruise with dinner and Turkish night entertainment may be the best option to do something unique and special in Istanbul.

In Istanbul dinner crise, you will have the privilege of having a romantic and delicious dinner with 4 main courses (meat, chicken, fish and vegetarian), 10 kinds of cold appetizers, dessert, fruit plate, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage options.

You can watch Whirling Dervish, Turkish Gypsy Dance, Caucasian Dance, Belly Dancer Group Show, Turkish Folk Dance, Asuk Masuk, Rhythm Show, Belly Dancer, and Professional DJ Performance.

Don't just watch, be sure to participate and have fun.

How to book an Istanbul dinner cruise ticket?

There is no need to pay in advance with cash or credit card to purchase Istanbul dinner cruise tickets.

Instead of paying a 25% commission (this commission is taken from companies.) for each ticket, you buy online from many monopolized tourism companies in the world, you can directly request a reservation from local companies and pay with cash or credit card on the boat on the day of the tour without paying any commission.

However, do not forget to make your reservation request at least 1 day in advance.

Book your dinner cruise ticket

Istanbul dinner cruise

What is included in the Istanbul dinner cruise price?

The Istanbul dinner cruise is an all-inclusive cruise. Dinner, Turkish night shows, drinks, and Hotel Pick-Up / Hotel Drop-off are included.

Is there free transfer to the boat from the hotels?

In order to benefit from the free transfer service, you need to stay in hotels located in central locations on the European side of Istanbul. There is no transfer from the Asian side. Central transfer locations are Sultanahmet, Kabatas, Taksim, Şişhane, Karaköy, Sirkeci, Yenikapı, Laleli, Pera, Şişli, Nişantaşı, Aksaray, Eninönü, Cemberlitaş, Beyazıt, Harbiye, Beyoğlu.

Is there a transfer from the Asian side of Istanbul?

If you are staying in a hotel on the Asian side, you have to come pier by own, you must be at the pier at 20:15 pm at the latest. So, how can you come to Kabataş pier from the Asian side?

There are many different ways to come to Kabataş pier from the Asian side. You can come by taxi, but it is expensive and takes a long time, we recommend that you come by public transport. You can reach Kabataş pier in 20-25 minutes, especially by taking the ferry from Kadıköy. However, the main problem here is how to return after the tour that ends at 23:30 pm. We advise you to take a taxi because you will not find public transport in the late evening.

If you are staying on the European side but outside the transfer route, you can come by taxi or public transport. In particular, it is sufficient to take the tram and get off at the last stop, Kabataş. Kabataş pier is right across from the station.

Is there a transfer from Airbnb?

I am staying at an Airbnb, if you ask if I can get a transfer service, unfortunately, there is no transfer from Airbnb. However, guests staying on Airbnb are given a hotel location that is within walking distance of their location, and they are picked up from that point.

What is the Istanbul dinner cruise price?

There are 2 different prices in Istanbul dinner cruise. The price varies according to the type of beverage.

Dinner menu with soft drinks is €45,

Dinner menu with Unlimited alcoholic drinks is €55

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Where is the Istanbul dinner cruise pier?

Istanbul dinner cruise boat departure port is Kabataş. It is right across the Kabataş stop, which is the last stop of the Kabataş tram. It is 5 minutes walking distance from Dolmabahçe Palace.

If you are going to the boat with your own vehicle, you can leave your car at the Dolmabahçe Palace car park. And walk for a few minutes to reach Kabataş pier.

Does the boat have an open deck?

Our dinner cruise boat, which is the most luxurious restaurant boat in Istanbul. It has 3 decks: a closed deck, a semi-open deck, and an open deck.

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